About Annie Kia

Earth’s systems are complex and adaptive, and subject to tipping points and non-linear change. Our human systems are like this too.

I have found it valuable to use a complex systems approach to understanding how organisations, communities and movements change. In particular, I find the Cynefin Framework useful in applying these ideas to outcomes on the ground.

In recent years my work has involved:

A national role in Lock the Gate Alliance 2012-2019 helping communities build their capacity to resist invasive gasfields and coal.

      • Development of the Gasfield Free Community strategy 
        a grassroots democracy process whereby communities conduct comprehensive surveys of each home and then unilaterally declare themselves Gasfield Free. There are now more than 460 self-declared Gasfield Free or Coal Free communities in Australia.
      • While working in NSW Population Health,
        co-development of Sustain Northern Rivers, a regional collaboration to address climate change involving 26 peak organisations, with action areas for food, transport, energy and social innovation.
      • Development of Smoke Free Health Care,
        a novel and wholistic approach to tobacco at 20 hospitals and 40 community health services in North Coast NSW.
      • Since my youth I have been inspired by and involved in campaigns,
        peripherally at first, and then in capacity building and leadership roles. 
        In 2018 I was awarded the Ngara Activist of the Year Award for empowering communities to resist invasive gasfields and coal.

I write in the NSW Northern Rivers on country cared for by Widjabul Wia-bal people. Through untold generations, Widjabul kept the web of lifeforms in balance here. To elders past, present and emerging, I pay my respects.